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Contractors Qualified for Public Works

Italy's largest Certification Body


Obtaining authorization to carry out certification activity in 2000, CQOP (Contractors Qualified for Public Works) immediately becomes the certification body of choice for companies.

The owners:

  • ANCE (National Association of Building Contractors)
  • UNCEM (National Union of Municipalities and Mountain Communities)
  • Reale Mutua Assicurazioni
  • Private partners



With our four technical directors and about 60 employees, CQOP SOA operates across offices nationwide and with an industry commercial network.



CQOP SOA follows the evolution of standards and the indications of the ANAC, routinely organizing training and information courses for staff. On these training days, staff study qualification issue case studies, and appropriate next steps are suggested.


CQOP SOA has obtained the Quality Management System Certification in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard, issued by the DNV Certification Body. The Quality Management System enhances business processes with the aim of offering ever better guarantees to Customers.


CQOP SOA subscribes to the civil liability insurance policy provided for by law. For the last three years, the stipulated policy has guaranteed coverage on the risk assumed for an average annual amount of about EUR 100 million.

Social initiatives

Particularly attentive to social issues, CQOP SOA allocates a proportion of the positive budgetary outturn to the implementation of humanitarian projects.