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SOA certifications for businesses


SOA certifications for entitlement to carry out public works

CQOP is the leading SOA certification body in Italy and is responsible for providing SOA certification to companies that meet the requirements of the standard.

The qualification system is implemented by certification bodies under private law, specifically authorized by the Supervisory Authority on Public Contracts, and who have qualification activity as their exclusive practice. 

The SOA certification is required for companies wishing to participate in tenders and the execution of public works for amounts exceeding EUR 150,000.00. The certification lasts five years, with verification of upkeep of the requirements in the third year.

The certification activity is governed by the Code of Public Contracts Legislative Decree 50/2016


Key Steps

1 Step


Sign contract with the desired categories and classifications requested.

02 Step


Send CQOP all documents necessary to obtain the qualification.

03 Step

Document Review

Our assessors are charged with the practical task of reviewing the documentation.

04 Step


Issue of the SOA certificate lasting five years, with verification of upkeep of the requirements in the third year.


During the review process, CQOP is in constant contact with client companies


  • The fee for the certification activities is determined by applying the minimum rate allowed by law.
  • The rate is calculated based on the categories and classifications issued.
  • The payment of fee may be deferred.