How do you get SOA certification?


General requirements
Art. 18 paragraph 1 of Annex II.12 of Legislative Decree 36/2023

  • Registration in the Register of Companies and absence of bankruptcy procedures (bankruptcy, arrangement with creditors, etc.).
  • Compliancy and absence of serious violations in the performance of business activities (absence of serious errors in the execution of public works, fiscal irregularities, false declarations, serious safety violations, absence of disqualification sanctions, etc.).
  • Not having produced false declarations with willful misconduct or gross negligence.
  • Compliancy for the purposes of the law governing the right of the disabled to work.
  • Regularity of the DURC (Single Insurance Contribution Payment Certificate).
  • Absence of convictions and impediments.
  • Absence, with reference to the company, of violation of the ban on fiduciary registration.
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Special requirements
Art. 18 paragraph 5 of Annex II.12 of Legislative Decree 36/2023

Economic capacity, equipment and staff

  • Appropriate bank references.
  • Turnover in works equal to 100% of the amounts of the requested classes in the various categories.
  • Net equity with positive results as of the last financial statements deposited only for the persons required to prepare the financial statements.
  • Suitable technical equipment not less than 2% of the turnover of works (equipment owned, leased or rented).
  • The amount of the rented equipment cannot exceed 60% of the total value.
  • Suitable average yearly workforce demonstrated by the total cost incurred for employees not less than 15% of the turnover in works, of which 40% for blue-collar personnel; alternatively, the cost of personnel hired for an indefinite period of not less than 10% of the turnover in works, of which 80% regarding technical personnel with a degree or diploma.
  • In the case of partnerships or sole proprietorships, it is possible to take advantage of the “INAIL conventional salary.”

Technical skills and technical director

  • Suitable technical direction.
  • Execution of works in the individual categories requested for an amount not less than 90% of that of the requested class.
  • Key works: execution of one job or, alternatively, of two jobs or, alternatively, of three jobs in each category requested for an amount respectively equal to 40% (1 job), 55% (2 jobs), 65% % (3 jobs) of that of the requested ranking.
  • Specific requirements for some categories (example: OG 2, OS 2, OS25, OG11 …)

Quality certification

  • To obtain the qualification in the classes equal to or higher than III -Euro 1,033,000.00, the companies must possess the certification of the company quality system.
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